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    Why is the lithium battery not fully charged?

    2022-10-12 15:00

    Lithium battery has brought a lot of convenience to our life, but we will encounter many problems when we use it. For example, when we charge lithium batteries, we can never make it fully charged. Why? How to do if the lithium battery can not be fully charged?

    1. The lithium battery cannot be fully charged because of the cell. 

    Lithium batteries are classified into batteries with a single cell and lithium battery packs or battery packs consisting of multiple cells.

    1.1.1 Lithium battery made of a single battery cell. 

    Such a lithium battery may have been used for a long time, and the internal materials are aging, resulting in increased internal resistance and capacity attenuation. For example, the capacity of the new battery is 6000mAh, and now only 5500mAh is left. In this way, the battery capacity detected by the circuit board is 5500mAh, which is about 91.7% of the original proportion, as well as the display power.

    1.1.2 The new battery is not fully charged

    It may be that the lithium battery is manufactured in the same batch, and the capacity is wrong. The internal resistance of a cell is large or the capacity is small. The standards are followed to be produced, but due to technical errors, there will be individual lithium battery capacity less than the standard capacity. For example, the actual capacity is 5900mAh, and the circuit board detection is detected by 6000mAh, so the capacity display is 98%. In this case, in fact, the lithium battery is fully charged, but the display we see is not full.

    1.2 The lithium battery composed of multiple batteries can not fully charged.

    1.2.1 If there is a problem in a cell of lithium battery pack, there will be not fully charged;

    1.2.2 The connection between the parallel connection of some cells is broken, but the connection between the positive and negative electrodes of some charging cells is normal. As a result, the capacity of the lithium-ion battery pack is reduced, and the circuit board always detects a charge lower than the original design value, indicating that it is not fully charged.

    2. The lithium battery can not be fully charged due to the insufficient input voltage

    The principle of charging is that a high voltage charges a low voltage, just like water flowing down from a high level. A lithium battery pack cannot be fully charged by charging a voltage lower than the battery pack voltage. If the 24v lithium battery, discharge termination voltage is 18v, with 22v power supply voltage to charge it, then the charge voltage for the lithium battery pack will be 22V or below, so naturally there is no full charge.


    3. The lithium battery cannot be fully charged due to the faulty lithium battery protection board

    Lithium battery management chip problems lead to the problem that lithium battery cannot be fully charged. During the usage, lithium battery will inevitably bump and bump, after many collisions it may cause problems for the lithium battery management chip , such as loose, soldering, deformation and so on, resulting in the abnormal detection data for lithium battery cell from the management chip. 

    With the use of lithium battery and the passage of time, the aging or oxidation of electronic components will increase the resistance, which will consume the partial voltage of power, leading to errors in chip detection data, and will show that the lithium battery is not fully charged.


    4. The lithium battery cannot fully charged due to temperature problems.

    4.1 In a low temperature environment of 0℃ or below, the activity of the internal chemical materials of lithium battery will decline, and the capacity of lithium battery will also decline, which is the reason why the mobile phone will soon run out of power when used at a low temperature. As the lithium battery management chip detects less capacity, it will not be able to charge enough.

    4.2 In the high temperature environment, although the activity of chemical materials increases, the internal materials of lithium batteries are more prone to become aging and expansion, and the internal resistance increases, and the capacity will decrease. Charging in a high temperature environment will show that the battery is not fully charged.

    The above is about some possible reason analysis for why lithium battery cannot be fully charged. When it is found that lithium battery cannot be fully charged, you can refer to the corresponding reasons to check, and make corresponding solutions according to the reasons, so that the problem of lithium battery cannot be fully charged can be well solved. Of course, lithium battery is a popular product at present, there have been some substandard products on the market, such as dismantling of the old cell, false capacity mark, falsepower mark, as consumers we must carefully identify! If you need to buy, you can find WELLPACK, brand new battery cell! High quality service! Reasonable price! Looking forward to providing you with more suitable products!

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